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Fischbachtal Fi1

29 km
745 Hm
Singletrail: S0
Condition: K1



For families: suitable

Around the Fischbachtal valley, there are always great opportunities for views and photos of the magnificent valley location. Lichtenberg Castle and its bastion are at their best.
The route starts at the Odenwaldidyll campsite with its natural swimming pool and initially follows field paths along the edge of the forest towards the Groß-Bieberau/Niedernhausen country road. This is followed by the first short, steep climb in the forest on the Gasslersberg. This is rewarded with the first view of the Fischbach valley with Niedernhausen and Lichtenberg. Continue up to the wine trail. At the junction to Wersau, the route descends to Niedernhausen, past meadows and fields with beautiful views. Niedernhausen is crossed on side roads, after the Meisenbach company the route heads towards the forest. On the right is a beautiful meadow valley that has been maintained by the local NABU group in recent years. Past the Jostkirchwiese meadow, the route leads up to the wine trail up to the Nonroder Höhe. Here you have wonderful views of the Gersprenztal and Fischbachtal valleys. At the 12 apostles, turn off onto the path to Meßbach with a view of Nonrod. At the refuge, the route branches off to the left up the meadow path to the Schadkopf. It then follows the wine trail, the edge of the forest with a view of Meßbach and the Meßbach quarry. Pass the barrier and turn left to the quarry lake. The path leads through the village in the direction of Rimdidim. This is followed by a slightly ascending path with a few hairpin bends. Above the Rimdidim, turn left to the edge of the forest above Steinau. After a short, beautiful descent, you reach the Zindenauer Schlösschen. Continue in the direction of Neunkirchen in the Modautal district, past the waterworks and shortly before the refuge on the right-hand side, up the hairpin bends to the right in the direction of Neunkirchen. You now reach the Modautal route at a junction with 4 forks. Take a sharp right down to Lützelbach. There you cross the main road and head towards Wildweibchenstein. This is followed by a beautiful descent through the Klein-Bieberau forest to the Hottenbacher Hof. Pass the restaurant garden and take the cobbled path towards Lichtenberg. At the edge of the forest, follow the Schlangenweg trail to the parking lot on the outskirts of Lichtenberg. Following the path along the edge of the forest, you return to the starting point.

Suitable for families
Technical requirements: medium

Axel Keil
Horst Emig
Route sponsor Fi 1

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Horst Emig
Route sponsor Fi 1
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