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Collenberg Co1

Mountain bike circuit adjacent to the Geo-Nature Park

33 km
1045 Hm
Singletrail: S2
Condition: K2



For families: not recommended

If you can, you should. Many vertical meters and steep, technically demanding descents invite the experienced technician to enjoy. Six individual trails are waiting to be mastered. At the top of the Spreunersberg, most of the physical effort is done.
The varied route in Collenberg runs in 2 loops through forests and meadow valleys. The length requires fitness, but due to the high proportion of natural paths and trails, you will never get bored. On the contrary, the flowing downhills provide fun and one adrenaline rush after another. We start at the festival hall on the banks of the Main, cross the main road and warm up past the houses of the “stone barons”. The route leads into an idyllic meadow valley, dips into the forest and follows the murmuring stream to a gravel path. We follow it to the left and, after several hairpin bends, reach an unpaved path that winds its way up the mountain, challenging our thighs. Passing the natural forest reserve, it leads into a wide forest trail, which flattens out after a steep bend and takes us to the starting point of the “Weinbergspfädle” trail on the left, which provides the first adrenaline rush with its flowing lines and small technical obstacles. After 2.1 km, the trail ends at the “Weißes Bild”, from where the path leads past the Jewish cemetery to the forest. A gravel path then stretches “like chewing gum” up the “Roter Berg”, but then the reward follows with a downhill trail “Die Schneid” winding along the fall line At the edge of the forest, a great view of the Main valley opens up and past the Marienkapelle chapel we reach the end of the first section in the village. Now we take side roads to the TSV sports grounds, cross the district road and reach the edge of the forest through meadow orchards, where the crest of the “Spreunersberg” needs to be climbed in serpentines. The route leads past quarries onto the well-known “Eselsweg”, which we follow to the crossroads at the “Heideplatte”. A challenging trail, “Das Gräbele” and then “Das Laterndl”, leads you over natural banks and waves, quickly changing bends after 2.2 km into the Fechenbach valley to the rest area at the “Brückenbrunnen”. Now you need stamina, because you have to climb the “Fechenberg”. At the top, enjoyment is the order of the day, as the route first undulates and then descends steadily along the “boarderline” on a fast, flowing trail towards Kollenburg. Shortly before the castle ruins, we turn off at a stone pyramid and pass through orchards and the “Marienruhe” on the edge of the village. We cross the state road to the Main Valley cycle path, which we leave again immediately after the old sports field and return to the starting point directly along the banks of the Main on a meadow path.

For families: not recommended
Technical requirements: high

Guido Weikinger
Route sponsor Co 1
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